How To Find New Music: Part 1 - YouTube

Sometimes people (one person) ask me how I can just go out with the intention of finding new music and... well, find new music.

The short and honest answer is that a lot of my music comes from people who are much better at being music nerds than I am. So, either make friends with my friends or follow this short and simple tutorial on using YouTube to find fresh new tracks.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways that I know of to find new bands and music, but it can potentially require sifting through some dreck before you find some stuff you really dig.

(the images are thumbnailed for your comfort, click for larger largess)

One (1) Computer
One (1) Internet Connection
One (1) Web Browser (I use Chrome)
One (1) YouTube Account (Optional, but strongly recommended to keep track of your finds)


1. Here we are at the YouTube homepage. You'll notice I'm logged into my account. I strongly suggest if you use YouTube as a way of finding music that you register an account in order to favorite things and be able to access them quickly in the future (as well as share with friends).

I'm in the mood for some Deep House, so I'm going to type Schmoov into the search box and hit enter.

2. We've scrolled down a bit here looking at the results. The one with the arrow caught my eye - haven't heard it and I dig the art. Why not go for it? If the title or artwork on a song interests you then give it a listen - if you don't like it just hit the back button and move on.

3. Here we are at the track, Schmoov - Hot Flash. It's cool stuff, I like it. First thing I do is Favorite it, indicated by the arrow. This allows me to return to my YouTube user page and quickly access songs I want to come back to with a few clicks.

Next we come to the circled area, Related Videos. This is what finds you new music on YouTube. The related videos list is spot-on nearly every time at finding similar sounding music if it's available. Though you tend to only be able to find an artist's more popular stuff on YouTube (I mean, people took the time to upload it), it's good music and a perfect jumping off point to exploring new artists.

4. We found this track from the related videos of the last song, but notice that it's been uploaded by the same user. Dude's probably got at least a few other Deep House tracks, right?

5. Yep. You can subscribe (with an account) to receive notices when they upload new stuff. You can also check out their favorites if you're so inclined. Checking related videos, people's favorites, and people who commonly upload music - taking advantage of all this social network bullshit is the key to surfing and finding good music at will.


That's pretty much it. Take advantage of the social networking aspects of youtube and the ability of the related video system to match good music. This is probably all completely fucking obvious, but I like writing tutorials and my time is virtually worthless.


Music is cool.


Schmoov! - Hot Flash

Vincenzo - Peace is Not the Word to Play

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